Kirsty's Cakes


  • Unity
  • C#


In Kirsty's Cakes the goal is to make cakes by building an automated system in a limited space. The player must place down equipment to transport ingredients and machines process those ingredients. Each machine requires set ingredients and produces a single output to be fed into another machine or sold for "pennies". Ingredients are taken from bins positioned around the room and the finished cakes are sold by placing them in the sell bin.

Made in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 42 game jam (Compo), with the theme of "Running out of space".

Dev Notes

Heaverly inspired by Factorio, I thought this would be an interesting challenge to code. My original intention was to make all the movement of the items determinent, meaning an items position is a function of time and could just be queried when needed and not each frame. I suspect this is what Factorio does to allow so many items in the game at a single time. I abandoned that idea when I couldn't get it to work first time, due to a game jams strict and short time limit (2 days in this case) it is important not to get bogged down looking for the perfect solution. I opted for a different and easier approach of updating items each frame, which in this game wasn't an issue as items numbers are small. A determinent approach was more of an interesting thing to do and not needed at all, as all the items are on screen at all times, meaning their positions were needed each frame anyway, so there was no performance benefit to be had from the determinent approach anyway really.

Software used

  • Unity 2018.2
  • Visual Studio
  • Krita
  • Audacity
  • Garage Band