Get Kraken


  • C#
  • Unity
  • Unity Editor tools
  • Physics 2D
  • Marching Squares
  • Procedural Geometry

Currently in development.


Get Kraken is 2D "flinger" where the player must guide the kraken through levels populated with obstacles avoiding dangers along the way. In Get Kraken the player controls in which direction "Kraggy" the kraken jumps, when Kraggy hits a wall he will grab hold and not let go.

Dev Notes

Designed with the idea of being a mobile friendly platformer like game, Get Kraken started development in 2016 but was shelved after a year due to burnout. Recently revived and upgraded to the latest version of Unity, Get Kraken is now back in development.

Its been interesting coming back to a game I worked on so long ago, my life has changed so much in that time and I feel like I can look the game with fresh eyes. I have a lot more experience with Unity now, which does mean a fair bit of refactoring, rebuilding some of prefabs and some gameplay tweaks but I'm quite pleased to be working on it again.

Get Kraken uses a point grid and marching squares for level geometry in an attempt to avoid the square tile look while keeping level building as simple as possible. Levels are created within the Unity editor itself with editor extensions used to allow the level geometry to be drawn directly in the scene view with the mouse. Levels are saved with a custom binary file format with compression applied.

The limbs of Kraggy are created using physics springs with the geometry being procedurally created with the aid of bezier curves.