Full Charge


  • Unity
  • C#
  • Physics 2D
  • Polar Coordinates


The theme for ludum dare 38 was "A Small World". For my entry I opted for a stratedgy game that takes place on a small world. The player must collect energy to power up thier space craft, while facing waves of enemies that are trying to destroy the space craft. The player must balance the powering up of the space craft against the powering up defense turrets. Material is required to build new structures, including power generators and defense turrets. Material is dropped by enermies when they are killed.

Dev Notes

The game is built in Unity and uses the 2D physics system, but because the game takes place on a circular world I needed to be able to use polar coordinates. Conversion from polar to cartesian coordinates and vice versa was added. I had worries about the overhead of such conversions but as the game was a small game with few actors the overhead never became an issue. Ever since I played "Kingdom" I have had an interest in designing games where the gameplay takes place in one dimension, and how such a constraint can affect the design. In Full Charge I attempted to emulate some of the one dimensional gameplay from "Kingdom" like games.